Hear what some of our clients have to say. . .
“ A perfect fit: the right space for our needs ”

“Executive Office Link is really good about finding the right space for our needs. Because there are enough offices here, the staff has lots of flexibility and is very good at working with us to find the right balance. The location is great too. You can’t beat it for us. We’re in healthcare IT and there’s a plethora of people in this area to hire and recruit from.”

Anthony McCarley, InteHealth
“ Your services were exactly what we needed during the past four years ”

“As I move on, I cannot help but reflect on the past four years and the role Executive Office Link has played in making my stay productive and enjoyable. When I first came to your office, I was unfamiliar with the concept of leasing office space with business support services. I wondered whether it would satisfy my need to have a professional appearance, available efficient assistance and yet be economical. All of my questions were answered positively by your warm, friendly and professional staff. While my clients have been impressed with “my staff,” I have enjoyed their warm friendly association. I thank you and your staff for having made these past four years rewarding and enjoyable.”

Kevin Ryan, Bickerstaff, Whatley, Ryan & Burkhalter Consulting Actuaries
“ Office space, internet and full office support as if you were part of our organization ”

“I want to thank you for all of your help and support given to me and the rest of the Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals team as we began to build our infrastructure and company at Executive Office Link. Everyone here felt that you provided a great experience and environment for our fast paced start-up culture. Your offices worked well in providing us with not only sufficient space to house our employees, but with access to meeting space, the internet and other office support functions we could not have possibly established on our own without significant time and investment. All of your staff were very helpful and a pleasure to work with. We began to see all of you as part of our organization…Rest assured I will pass on my experience to others I know who might be looking for the services you provide…”

Bob Moccia, Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals
“ A shared office facility with all the amenities is invaluable to me ”

“I think the concept of a shared office facility is a fantastic concept. To have all of the amenities of a larger company or corporation is invaluable. For example, if you’re with a company that doesn’t need a secretary per se, but you need some secretarial or IT support, it’s available to you…which I think is phenomenal. Having the Chamber office close in proximity to Delaware and Philadelphia, major highways, and soon the Pennsylvania slip ramps off the PA Turnpike…all make this the perfect location to conduct and cultivate business.”

Mary Ann Severance, Great Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce
“ Besides great support services, networking with other business owners is a real plus! ”

“Being a tenant here is very much like being in a traditional office environment where you have friends and people who are resources. I’ve found business owners who have compatible businesses and have ended up working together. The EOL staff is very supportive of my business. I’ve called from my car late for a meeting and asked the office manager to go to my office and staple and collate something I needed. She even met me at my car and put me back on schedule. It’s like I have my own staff all the time. That flexibility is hard to get anywhere else. I value their services tremendously. It’s hard to put a price on that!”

David Peltz, Adaptive Email


“ Flexible Lease Terms and Space and a Great Location ”

“Throughout the many years that we’ve been here, we’ve contracted and expanded, contracted and expanded – based on our needs… Executive Office Link has always been flexible with the lease terms and space. Having our office in the Great Valley Corporate Center is a great location for us. Being in a key industrial and corporate location with many corporate headquarters in this area, we are very close to our clients – that’s important to us. Equally important is the professionalism of the staff. They answer our phones and project an image of a professional organization. They provide us with the support so we can produce!”

Patrick Jones, Gateway Search Associates