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A perfect fit: the right space for our needs
Executive Office Link is really good about finding the right space for our needs. Because there are enough offices here, the staff has lots of flexibility and is very good at working with us to find the right balance. The location is great too. You can’t beat it for us. We’re in healthcare IT and there’s a plethora of people in this area to hire and recruit from.

We have been renting office space with Executive Office Link for three years. We love the accommodations, the excellent staff and the services offered. Of course, the location can’t be beat.

Executive Office Link affords an easy way for new businesses to establish and grow!

I have now been with Sharon and her incredible team at EOL for over twenty years and have started and built three companies during this time.

The resources at EOL have allowed us to ramp up with little notice given to acquire additional space. Administrative support and the first rate meeting rooms have always left a terrific impression on clients when they visit our offices.
The support staff is incredibly versatile and we have depended on them in many ways, whether marketing, secretarial support, or simply interacting with our clients in a professional manner.

EOL has and continues to provide stability for each of our companies. They are willing to assist on almost any need that pops up and we are proud to be a long term client and will continue in the future. The staff goes the extra mile each and every time.

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